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Manage files easily

xchangedocs' intuitive interface automatically sorts all incoming and outgoing documents in context of the client file or matter to which they belong. This allows you to save valuable time as there is no need to manage incoming emails with attachments – the documents automatically appear in the correct client folder (for each matter) and are ready for you to work with.

Send to clients securely

Access to all material stored in the xchangedocs portal is granted on a document level. This means there is no risk of sharing sensitive client data with an unintended recipient; and only those that you have given access can see the materials in the portal. Documents are accessed in the cloud which eliminates links or email attachments that can be forwarded onto unknown recipients.

Ease of use for clients

Financial matters require the exchange of numerous and voluminous documents with clients. xchangedocs makes it easy with our intuitive interface that automatically sorts documents. Clients can easily access any materials that have been uploaded, as well as share documents back to you, with just a few clicks. There is no need to worry about creating folders or managing access-level permissions.

Precise Tracking

Our verifiable audit trails track all xchangedocs activity (including who accessed a document, and when) at both the matter (client file) level, and the document level. You will always know who is accessing your documents on the platform and can revoke their access at any time. The audit trails can also be exported for further use.

Data residency in Canada

We know data residency is of the utmost importance to accounting and financial firms because of privacy and compliancy concerns. Rest assured knowing that your data is safely stored within Canada.

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