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Suitable for different types of law

In addition to civil litigation, we have clients in practice areas such as personal injury, debt enforcement and recovery, family, estates, bankruptcy, tax, and commercial law. If your practice requires the exchange of documents, expert reports, images, videos, and more; xchangedocs works for all.

Ease of use for clients

Legal matters require the exchange of numerous and voluminous documents with clients and others associated with the matter.  xchangedocs makes it easy with our intuitive interface that automatically sorts documents in the context of your matter.  Clients and other stakeholders can easily access any materials that have been uploaded, as well as share documents back to you, without the need to create new folders or worry about access permissions.

Your client data is safe with us

xchangedocs delivers the highest level of security using best-of-breed technology to ensure client and business data is protected.  All documents/files are encrypted end-to-end and only you can see your data - not even we can.

Data residency in Canada

We know data residency is of the utmost importance because of privacy and compliancy concerns. Rest assured knowing that your data is safely stored within Canada using Microsoft Azure.

Martha Cook, P.C.
xchangedocs saves time, reduces costs, and simplifies the service of documents for a small firm during a pandemic.

Record of Service

xchangedocs seamlessly integrates with Korbitec’s ACL5, Canada’s leading document automation software.

When xchangedocs and ACL5 are used together for the service of legal documents, the Record of Service (available exclusively with ACL5) replaces the Affidavit of Service and is fully compliant with Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure.

Record of Service (example)

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