Public Sector

Manage sensitive information while delivering outstanding public service, anywhere

Reach citizens and beneficiaries easily without compromising security

  • Provide citizens with online and mobile services so they can securely submit forms, tax information, and other sensitive documents.
  • Onboard thousands of internal and external stakeholders quickly and easily, at no detriment to performance, nor increase to capital costs and storage capacities.
  • Enable federal, provincial, and local agencies to simplify matter-management workflow and collaboration on cases and incidents in real time.  

Reduce operating costs and future-proof your infrastructure

  • Reduce costs for technology management and support, while streamlining operations and improving usability for employees.
  • Modernize an antiquated infrastructure with a scalable, cloud-based solution that delivers higher security and a more predictable cost model.

Data residency in Canada

We know data residency is of the utmost importance to the public sector because of privacy and compliancy concerns. Rest assured knowing that data is safely stored within Canada.

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