Getting started with xchangedocs

New to xchangedocs? This guide will cover the basics to get you oriented quickly.


The application consists of 3 main views. They are:

1. Recent Documents
2. Matters
3. Account Management

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Recent Documents is the default landing view when you sign in. New documents that have been shared by your organization (outgoing) or shared with your organization (incoming) which you are authorized to access will be listed here. Documents will remain in the Recent Documents view for a maximum of 30 days after which it can be accessed from the Matters view only.

The Matters view lists all matters you are authorized to access at your organization. New matters can be created and documents can be accessed by the matter they are associated with.

The Account Management view will differ depending on your role. A user will be able to manage their profile and preferences. Users with admin rights will also be able to manage organization details and members from this view.

Add a matter

A matter can be added from the Matters view by selecting the 'Add' action ad located above the Matters List panel. Adding co-participants is optional when creating a matter. The creator of the matter is set as a participant by default.

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Note: to add a co-participant you need to ensure that the user is already set as a member of the organization within xchangedocs.  

Upload a document

To add a document, you first need to select a matter. Documents can only be uploaded in context of a matter.

Select the 'Upload' action im located on the Matter Title bar. More than one document can chosen to be uploaded at a time with the option to update the document description. Once the documents have been uploaded successfully, they will be shown in the matter.

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As part of the upload process, you have the option to specify recipients you want to send the document to. Leave the Recipients field blank if you only want to upload the document. Uploaded documents can be up shared at any time.

Sharing a document

A new or existing document can be shared. To upload a new document see section Upload a document. To share an existing document, select the 'Share' action img located on the document's context menu which can be accessed by selecting the document's 'More' action im. On the Share dialog, enter the email addresses of all the recipients you want to share the document with. Once shared successfully, the recipients will be shown in the 'Shared with' column on the matter's list of documents. Alternatively, select the document from the list and view the recipients on the Document Summary panel that will show when a document is selected.

If you've accidentally shared the document with a wrong recipient it can be revoked.

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Revoke a shared document

A shared document can be revoked by selecting the 'Revoke' action from the 'Share' menu located on the document's context menu. Once revoked, the recipient will no longer be able to access the document in xchangedocs.

Add a member

Premium subscriptions can have unlimited number of members. Members can be added to xchangedocs by an account administrator. To add a member, select the Members menu item from the Account Management view menu. Once the member has been added, they will show in the members list.

Add member illustration

Note: A newly added member will receive a notification informing them they have been added as a member of your organization within xchangedocs. The member is required to activate their user account by following the link supplied in the notification. A user’s membership will be set to ‘active’ once the user has successfully completed the activation process.

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