Document sharing uniquely
designed for law firms

Email and generic file-sharing services fall far short of the capabilities and features that law firms require. xchangedocs was designed and built for Canadian lawyers and law firms. Over 500 firms use xchangedocs as their preferred platform for sharing documents and files.

Here's why:

Document sharing organized by matter

Every lawyer’s or staff member’s work centers around client matters. xchangedocs automatically links shared documents and files to a designated matter. Gone are the days of searching email inboxes by keyword or date for a document or file that was supposedly sent or received.

Real-time audit trail

All uploads and downloads are tracked automatically. A detailed log of all xchangedocs sharing activity is easily viewable on both a matter and document level.

Easily manage document-sharing groups

Assign internal law firm staff and external parties as “participants” to a matter. All documents shared will automatically be accessible to those participants by matter.

Authenticated document delivery

xchangedocs authenticates the receipt and download of each document sent, so you have proof when a recipient has accessed the shared document.

Uncompromised security and privacy

xchangedocs always delivers the highest possible levels of security and privacy.  State-of-the-art tools and technology protect your confidential documents from unauthorized access - security that you can't get from standard email.

Other features:

Account administration and security controls

Administrator features let you easily add or remove user accounts for each member in your organization. Permissions can be granted on a per-matter basis.

Unlimited use

xchangedocs is charged monthly on a per user basis with no limit to the number of users, matters, or documents shared.

Time and cost savings

Unproductive or wasted time is the bane of any law firm. xchangedocs can help. Documents are shared instantaneously. Verifying that documents were sent or received takes seconds vs. minutes or hours scouring “bottomless” email inboxes and folders.

Ease of access

xchangedocs can be accessed anytime, anywhere through any standard web browser, from any internet-connected device, including mobile access via laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

Unlimited file size

File attachment size is limited using standard email. Some recipients may not be able to receive your file if it’s too large. xchangedocs supports large files, sending or receiving. Large documents can be shared without breaking them up or sent on a USB key, CD, or portable drive.

No additional hardware or software

xchangedocs is a secure, cloud service requiring no additional hardware or software. You can be set up and configured quickly and easily, without impacting your IT team and resources.