Access all your documents and artefacts (spread-sheets, presentations, pictures, videos etc.), anytime, anywhere. xchangedocs stores all these items in the cloud, organised by a matter description designated by you, and accessible 24/7.

Matter-centric document exchange

A matter or topic-centric view is often critical for managing documents sent and received. xchangedocs uses a unique algorithm to automatically "classify" (link) newly shared incoming documents and artefacts to the designated matter – no need ever to clean up your inbox!
Matter participants illustration

Matter participation seamlessly managed

Each matter in your organization is assigned specific internal participants.  These participants are automatically and seamlessly linked to people at external organizations, assigned to the same matter.

Real time audit trail

All uploads and downloads are tracked automatically.  A detailed log of all relevant activity on the xchangedocs platform is accessible on both a matter and document level.
Feature illustration
Feature illustration

Authenticated document delivery

xchangedocs authenticates each document share and download, so you have proof when a recipient has accessed the shared document.

Uncompromised security and privacy

xchangedocs always delivers the highest possible levels of security and privacy.  We use state-of-the-art tools and technology to provide end-to-end protection to your confidential documents from unauthorized access - security that you can't get from standard email.
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Other features:

Account administration and security controls

An Administrator account will have the tools to easily add or remove user accounts for each member in your organization. Permissions can be granted on a per Matter basis.

Unlimited use

xchangedocs is charged monthly to clients on a per user basis with no limit to the number of users, number of matters or number of documents shared.

Time and cost savings

Time is always of the essence and using xchangedocs can help. Shared documents are received instantaneously.  Large documents can be shared without the need to break them up or send on a USB key, CD or portable drive.

Ease of access

xchangedocs can be accessed anytime, anywhere through any standard web browser, from any internet connected device, including mobile access via laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smart phones.

Unlimited file size

File size is often limited when using standard email, but with xchangedocs this is not an issue, as there is no limit to the file size you can send.

No additional hardware or software

xchangedocs requires no additional hardware or software and can be set up and configured quickly and easily.  Your IT team is not required to get you started.

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